Try and find rap beats for these three songs.

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Try and find rap beats for these three songs.

Post by PeyotePearl »

Having trouble finding the right rap beat for these three songs. Would be great if I could get some feed on which beat could possibly match to the lyrics.

Hydroponic Shit/ Purp & Yellow, Pretty Legit/ Sticky as Fuck, i Gotta Admit/ Your Gonna Wanna Sit When u Take a Hit So Use Caution? as u Lit Sum1 Hand dis girl a bic/Fuck all your pics I can do it better Shit he's already got me wetter Christmas sweater/ Fuck all that ugly shit not how I roll/COmin from the east and I'm comin from the west/North south what bitch you best redress/Your rhymes they ain't showin signs/Of fiery stress/Yeah stress? Shit that's a hell of a mess/Teeth bared blade out comin at ya with a pocketknife boutsa slice your gizzard out/ Comin to murder I'm an assassin/ Do or die is my creed/Here I go spittin more shit/About to hit it and quit it/Free flowin like a riva yeah don't I send the shivas/Down yo spine/Stop tryna rhyme try some other time/I'm doing backflips frontflips in the air ima ollie over your head so there, I'ma killer on the loose got me tyin' my own noose/Shit I'm done for/ You're done for/ I'm boutsa kick this chair to the floor/Strangle myself wrap a rope tight round my neck/Aw heck/It didn't work/Rope snapped and I'm left goin berserk/Suicide attempt gone wrong devil in me's not so far gone/Chasin' after you and that's nothing new/I'm heaven and hell combined/Best dream worst nightmare that haunts your mind/Psychopathic records yo that's where it's at/Chillin like a villain and that's that/Take a tab of acid and let's smash it/Kaleidoscope of colors pink elephants and shit/Now I'm throwin fits/THis is all too much stop the trip stop the trip it's like smokin too much of a dutch/Clutch? Me close/Hold me tight and kiss/Save me from the psychopath within/I'm going under boutsa lay it down like a boss/The price of my life turns out to be the cost/Maybe I can be the thief/maybe I can get away/With a priceless item, my life, just for one more day/Hide and seek come out and play/With your mind your heart I'm here to stay/ I'm not tryna be mean shit I'm just bein me/Put me behind bars it's where I'm safest but even then I'll escape/Shatter this reflection and break/I'm on a rollercoaster and the ride's far from over/For once I'm sober but wait nah, I still light up/Primetimes shit I'm stuck/I wanna party hardy wanna live life/But all I can deal with is the strife cuts like a knife/Butter knife cuttin' through my soul/One strand at a time and now I'm whole/

I’m takin my time get in line waitin’ to prime
Only getting started yeah I rap this shit
An amateur at it but I’m not gonna quit
Free flowin like a bouss
And you’re creepin like a mouse to the cheese
Wait to hear me spit I’m smoking the green
Kush, blueberry medical I’ve got it all
Stop by my house and shop at the weed mall
Yeah here’s a dime bag with all your shit
Pick up the pipe and get faded like Wiz
You hit up my verses like you hit up a bong
Breathe em in and get high
Let clouds of smoke waft on by
Oh this is your first time? Listening to my rhyme
Shit you're about to take your first bong rip?
Well here's how to do it like quick
Press your lips to the mouthpiece
Flick your bic and hold it right above the bowl
Start sucking till the flame pulls down
Inhale and you're up high off the ground
My rhymes are so intricate I lyrically spit
Poetry from between my lips
I don't play nice don't use aluminum sulfate on my words
I bathe 'em in blood yeah that's what I heard
I don't copy or plagiarize I'm better than that
You're gonna have to take your lines and spit right back
Homie I'm not showing any remorse for what I've done
I'll slaughter ya and all your fuckin puns
hey you want me to stop rappin' Hell no!
I've got a little bit a cash and a lota bit a blow
Let's snort the coke get a little psychotic
I can read your mind yeah I'm just that psychic
Yeah this ain't no slapstick
I'm reppin' the rap game got no fame
But I'm not in it for that I just want some goddamn feedback
Everything's just so tragic
How rappers who can't even rap get to be on the top
While an underdawg like me wallows in the parking lot
I wanna let loose all my feelings
And rap's the only way I can
Express the best and the worst flowin' like the Spokane
And I'm waiting for god knows what
It's like waiting for the postman
Wanna pick up my mail but nothing comes
So here I am sittin on my bed with a magnum
I'm not gonna quit just gonna spit
Because hell it's what I love
Even if the devils and angels from this world
Don't give a damn
I do. And I'll spit through the lies
To arrive at the truth
Yeah motherfucking truth bitch
It hits me hard
A pimp slap across the face and I diehard

When I step outside my? crib man it’s all cool
Put on a fake smile, just to have these people fooled
But you don’t know me, and I don’t know you
It’s hard to see clear through a mind so blue
Then I think to the day where we left our separate ways
Got my mind all in a haze, don’t listen to what I say
Cause I don’t need your sympathy, you don’t know what you did to me
I’m looking up and down, and all around on these city streets
City lights can't light up my path noise pollution threatens to distract
Cars pass and I'm walking into them hoping I'll get hit
Wondering how I can have the perfect love and have my heart still throwin fits
Define perfect love what is it exactly?
Is it the kind that gets your heart racing? The kind that makes it beat?
My mind's put up this wall of bricks
Yeah I'm on some real shit
But the paranoia still breaks through and it overwhelms and conquers it's everything I'm going through
I know you love me but I love you more
The paralyzing fear of losing you just makes my heart so sore
It's raw and it stings what it's like to lose everything and nothing
I haven't lost you yet and am hoping I never will
I'll believe in a God if this one thing stays right
Not gonna let you leave without putting up a fight
Love you to death till the day I die
If the world's fucked up let it stay that way
All we need is our perfect love to get us through another day
Karma it kills grim reapa on my doorstep
It's waiting to get in
Rip me up with a scythe and bury me in
A coffin six feet deep I'm going under
This perfect love will it be ripped asunder?
Just thinking about losing you makes tears slip down my cheeks
I can't inhale I can't exhale I can't breathe
And for once my spit's only causing me to suffocate
Rapping this rap doesn't help to vanquish the fear
Holding onto salty tears
Perfect love comes at a perfect price
They say it's priceless and in a way it is
But when tomorrow comes will you still be by my side
I'm strapped in and ready for a rollercoaster ride
Just because we haven't had our tough times don't mean they don't exist
Already thinkin' you were another hit, and miss
Karma why don't you just take me now
Embrace me hold me tight but for once I think I deserve someone just right
The pain the fear it all built up over years
Raise your glass to me, cheers
No wait, put your glass down this ain't no celebration
And I'm close to graduation
These thoughts circle around my head like a greyhound station
Definition of perfect love is one word, you
I know deep inside somehow we'll make it through.

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Re: Try and find rap beats for these three songs.

Post by Ambiguous Realm »

3rd one matches best

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Re: Try and find rap beats for these three songs.

Post by PeyotePearl »

Sorry bro I'm looking more for orchestral/violin beats or piano beats.

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Re: Try and find rap beats for these three songs.

Post by The Gonz » <--- go check out some of mine. I've got some piano/violin beats in there.

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