The introduction.

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The introduction.

Post by Phenom »

Typed this to the beat of success – by drake

Tryna find a girl to lose my youth with/ Because I’m tired of girls only used for screwin/ I knew a girl, We always used to Do shit/ then she left and I lost touch from the movement/ Usually girls that seem fine to me are Stupid/ Exterior Queens but Behind the scenes/ Useless/ I try to meet a girl that Exceeds cuteness/ But it always seems they turn out to be a nuisance/ People think My Standards Too high/ cuz I happen to look at a girl a know what her attitudes like/ So I happen to be an abstinent guy/Because 1 lie can do some Damage to a guy/ Like, what happened to the guy/ After the lie, he took the mac and took his life/ She was out smashin other guys/ as he was looking to find cash for her valentines/
Then I get the dissins from my buddies/ like, this nigga so sad/ he isn’t getting any cutty/ Phe’s not interested in fucking Because half of these bitches fucking are sickening and disgusting/ Guess im the type to live all alone/ kids shouldn’t be fucking till the live on they’re own/ when they sit and pay the bills on they’re home/ and really know how it feels to be grown/ I’m 18 but I feel pretty old/ because im way past smoking weed & getting stoned/way pass lean and sippin petron/…Or whatever these kids is sippin on/
I’m bout to graduate, its Senior Year/ I’m really glad to say im leavin’ here/ but phe’ is sadder than he appears/ because to most people sad means leakin tears/ only sad because I never bonded/ rather, never made a friend I cared to bond with/ never met a friend I could share my songs with/ because most of my friends were drunk or on shit/
Hated my friends, I guess I repped the Wrong clique/ But I guess I cant be upset with all of them/
Bygones be Bygones/ I started to get tired of Every song on my Ipod/Because they all talk about what I’m not/ Ok so WOW you’ve got a nice drop & an iced watch/ So it’s not coincidental/ That I got rid of “success” and got “success(instrumentals)/ Liked the beat, and though drake can be lyrical/ vast majority of the song was horribly played & predictable/
This is what I call a intro/ a quick flow/ that gives all the info/ Well, maybe not ALL the info/ but yall don’t need to know ALL the shit, though/ Despite my gripes ‘m livin quite the privileged life/ haven’t seen a drive by since I was five/ moved out of the hood and into the good life/ yeah so, majority of my neiborhood is white/ Majority of my neighborhood is nice/ Watch a cribs marathon, that’s what my neighborhood is like/

Lol. Tired of typing, uppin for feed.
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Re: The introduction.

Post by eMCee Havic »

this was all tight as shit, kinda depressing though kid, you 18 and dont wanna party!! fuck that shit, i still party down man, cause if spend your life fucking never doing shit you gonna regret it when you die. but other than that this was dope, i liked the whole thing it kept me reading and entertained.

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