the take

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the take

Post by ~Symbolikull~ »

it starts on the sidewalk jus walkin the street,
shorty said hi, he jus like u talkin to me?
couldnt believe it when she nodded n wink,
she like come on lets walk, they stop for a drink,
get to chattin, she gorgeous lookin like satin,
she grabs his legs they continued wit the laughin,
dancin, she grindin him hard he feelin like a pole,
she so good other ppl watchin thinkin its a show,
after that u sit down sweatin, shes on his lap now,
grabbin all on him, he hard she whispers in his ear im bout to act wild,
she goes down, hes like oh wow! hey lets go to my house,
good idea she replies, hes actin cool now so he drives,
he feelin great bout to get laid by the queen of the beehive,
they pull up, they get out, kissin n all that as they run in,
the anticipation or surprise he cant really see whats comin,
when they get to the bedroom, she goes goes in the bathroom,
to change, damn! she came out lookin fine as hell half nude,
she climbin in to the bed on top ridin him,
he bout to climax, but right b4 he does she surprises him,
she pulls out a pistol, he shocked like on no hopin she'll wait,
POP! POP! 2 the head, got the keys to safe, she jus killed bill gates!!!!
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Re: the take

Post by Phenom »

i could tell about half way through you were going to throw in a twist. the flow went pretty hard, the end was forced as fuck.this made me laugh though. thats always good.
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Re: the take

Post by eMCee Havic »

shit flowed to me really good, damn good visuals and rhymes, fell off in some places. the twist was good, not really as hard hittin as i thought it should be. but it was dope none the less



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