Scare Tactics - keystyle

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Scare Tactics - keystyle

Post by Phenom »

this is just me trying to get out of a dry spell.

Psychopathic/ Ya Battlin’ a man with No Compassion/ Cold assassin/ Known to blast men over a Sandwich/ Misunderstandin’s/ Over a Stolen Napkin/ Cleave bones & Detach them/ Sew them to mannequins/Your nothing but puppets/ not to be trusted/ I’ll measure your nose/ and if it grows/ you’ll get thrown in an oven/ Not one to be fucked with/ I kill people Period. Once a month shit/ Cept your Death would be Bloodless. Girls would love it/ Cops Want me Dead/ For Chopping off the Chiefs head/ Bounty on Phe’s head/ But it hasn’t stopped me yet/ Feds awfully upset/ Because I bring Death & Eat Vets/ It’s just Phe’s test/ to see if the Rest Bleed Red/ They hired some dudes to Wack me/ Hit two in a Double Wammy and Ruined a couple of Families/ Sent another two after these and I skewered the cats with ease/ Rugers strapped with me/ but Ive never used them, actually/ Ive always used the Slashed Technique/ Dastardly/ You can’t Catch phe’/Faster than Athletes/ Who race a against Horses as Practice for Track meets/ Cats try to get at Me/ But I’m Passionately Nasty/ im actually jacking off as im rapping/ Now once Again ‘m Psychopathic, Whatever That is/ Sometimes I feel like I’m a Magnet that attracts you faggots/ And I Say Faggots because Opposites attract/ So whatever a Fag is/ Im the opposite of that/ Awsome with the Raps/ Monster with the tracks/ The champ is back by popular demand/
So all of you need to stand, like your aware I’m the Champion/
Or else ill have to resort back to the Scare Tactics/
I'm not going to battle you..But I do prefer it if my prey put's up a fight.

Beneath the surface..I'm overheating your receiver circuits by unleashing Deeper verses that priests speak in churches.
What you preach is worthless, your worship defeats the purpose. Like president Obama taking bullets for the secret service

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Re: Scare Tactics - keystyle

Post by Quix »


This is def. not up to your standards!!
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