Dumb out..

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Dumb out..

Post by Haz »

i push headlines like my lifes in a caption, no need 4 chemistry
to see all types of reactions..the ripist assassin lights camera action..
the mic i've been smashini'm tight as contractions snipins da passion
ignitin n blastin, take flight as i'm rappin..like subways..
employed on a plane..destroyin the lames that take joy in the game
the boy is insane deployin da brain of mere sense crowds possess,
a lethal silencer to the loudest vets..aroused by death like the reeper
..i'm potent like the lighest reefer,doods underrate despite the ether
i write for the hypest heaters..yall possess the slighest fever...
i'm at a hundred n five.. doctor's asking 'why sons still alive..
each goal's becoming a dive, as i'm runnin and strive
its stunnin that i've, realized how they unda rate
like alcohal there's only so much one can take,
so you'll hear one last word from the fakes...please!"..Who me?
i don't get fucked by some groupie who's a shitti rider like a hooptie...
who wants it?.. i'm the do-nater..serve you like the flow caters.."
here you go hater!"..i know you hate it how i can come basic
and still be out of the world like a spaceship..haz got a hidden gift
..spiddin sick..i'll treat my word like contacs so the Vision sticks..
I'm raw behind these bars like an imprision'd brick,who's sharp enough
to give an incision quick ,da kids slevering crew's..whats better to do?
then to write n prove i'm better than you?
i've been known to lose fights..but i aint a quiter..
keep thinkin i'm cryin n bitter.. while i'm provin this guy is a spitter
.. 'this brothers weak?' u the Biased of sisters.. i'm a riot assisster...
test me like egyptians in pyramids..you can die with a scripture, i'm plyin you blisters..
ya fate can't remain in my hand..cause joker's get slain in a blam..
my mind's been drainin a damn, of built flow.. get cooked.. like cane in a pan...
you say he's the best in the bundle?..you can't judge the underground
i'm testin da tunnel..you've been drained.. ya reps in a funnel,
there's no acception fa struggle when i step ta da puzzle..
i piece it up,you cry while sayin peace,u have no room to talk you'll die while stayin ceased..
Jeesh! he's been kicked like rhymes and fucked with like rubbers
..other's will suffer it's siqqin time..a beasts up in this brother,
get stuck up n smothered...'keep pressin ya luck' you'll give up-on da-toss,
You 'prey to me' like i'm up-on-a-cross..each jab-i-shift that snaps-n-hits..
make's you loook like a dragin spit..ya danglin head, ya saggin tits!..
leaved mangled-with-led, who you stabbin prick?..
i'm fishin bait to your punches i just bob-n-weave,
don't like how i conquer you gotta Option-leave..
Your pestimistic i'm optamistick,i'll dot you tricks with, infa red bars
that'll off you twats..dont-risk-it!..Subliminal's won't effect my plot..
you'll regret alot..expect a shot or maybe i'll grab a axe n give ya neck a chop
..maybe like a overheatin eletronic i'll give da 'Tech a pop'..
step ta hott-ness-in-da-flesh..mr.lockness-in-da-set..
your alot-less-of-a-threat,then hazard so don't let ya mouth pop-unless-its-ya-death..
your after! bastard..i'm in laughter..diaster..surrounds your very-bein..
it's scary-seein how easy it is for me to murder
& kno they can't hear-me-fleein! give Credit where Credit Is Due ..
Due to no credit i'm severin few who are dislecsic in view..
i got good work ethics-its-true..
the way i give life to my dreams..i do what the medics-pursue..
I've gone from the 'undadog'.. to the guy 'unda..dog' thats when a 'run for skills' becomes a jogg!...
the flow slaughters-clowns! cause rappers r Clay vases in the process soo Watered-Down...
N Since they're Watered down..soon Enough they Outta-Drown!!!...
i've walked bare foot thru rough ruin's theres nothing i can't handle you dumb fuck's ruined..
everyone up's snoozin..it's such a oxymoron..i'll have you shakey like the oxy-moore-on..
before she shoot's a video, in the booth i'm griddy yo,i spread sickness like a ciddy hoe..
shiddy flow's get acknowledged like applications for college i'm at ya ass blazin till 'apolog-ize'
is what ya chick scream's..i ripp scheme's that make whoever sick seem, healthy as New Borns..
crews torn,because few-form a rap Bar-a-cade,i'll tear-ya-aid..this is statory i don't needa Hear-ya-age!
your scared-a-rage that i use to advantange like bandana's on bandit's my hammer's r band wit
cammo-flag's, neck bearing a rambo tag..the pistol deep throat's wait till the ammo gags!!...
followed by the act i'll huck-a-lugee at the dumb fuck-who-threw-me a few bar's-to-eat
his material's 'hard-as-sheep' skin,it was my job to dust-the-newbie give um a 'rush hour'
like a chris tuckah-movie!..i know you feel me as i pen-a-trate n robb tha pen-of-hate
absorbed from every rivals-eyes who continues to idolize 'killing himself' like a suicidal-guy..
don't hate the player hate the game, you couldnt conquer thats why you hate it lame...
ya hatrid flame's,ur a nonbeliever with athis claim's i've recieved the rep david gained
as i 'went up' against um like a spaceship flamed,no cassidy scars u can't face this pain
i've managed to use as motive, that's why the flow give's 'losers shots' like show bizz..
you know dis is equavilent to dro..piff.. nah more like coca, get ready to blow! hoe..sniff..
who's sick-as-me? i get down to the epidamee of sickest-frees..delivered n ripped-with-eaze
like a piece of paper your sick-of-geez,i orbit a constilation..formin a concentration..
like chemists in da labs 'performin-a-Bondin-makin' elements , it's evident i've been
to hell and sent a message back labeled da devil's testiment..this is my house your a resident..
It's evident this emergin complexity , mergin is reckliss-see! like drunk drivers swervin a S-U-V..
When i Snap ya call it , the raging rap a holic when engagin snatch ya wallit dere stagin rappers brolic
But they ain Headed big..they Big headed..Like West coast gangsta's I'ma have these Mini Bigz deaded
I'll pierce hearts like deep flings, n have dood's quick ta break like cheap rings
tell these weak ling's i'll destroy any force these geeks bring..
they aint filled like no clip in a gauge.. dis da end of there story like i'm flippin da page
dood's aint real , they 'owin heartin it' there 'acts r hittin-da-stage!!'
My pens worn like jeanz or shirts cause when it comes 2 writin i've been a fiend since birth
i mean this erge happened afta i dreamed a verse beautiful wordplay..rhyme scheme bizerk
lines-mean n merked paper.. like a assassins check,the rappin threat passin vets...
haz hasn't became a haz-bin-yet!..keep ya lips sealed Like the Perfect cunt
before you jump.. Slow ya roll n make a perfect blunt..worthliss chump

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Re: Dumb out..

Post by TheBigHurt~ »

thats pretty tight man. post a recording.

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Re: Dumb out..

Post by Haz »

Uppin Feed.

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Re: Dumb out..

Post by - Mutual - »

this is dope
the punches in there was dope
the multies was fire man
the vocab aswell was very good
man i knew u could write well
this has to be one of ya best pieces
straight dope
i'm glad i read it all now
keep'em comin
The Eagerness Is Putrid My Fluids Acid Leaves You Vexed Like Black Holes
Your Inept To Correct Stretched Like Fat Folds Perplexed Like Castro
I'm So Tenacious With Rhymes Sensatious So Patient With Lines
While You Fill Your Writtens With Filler And So Stay Vacant In Mind
I'm Amiable But Too Your Haters I Appease Your Arcane Admissions
Dark Games No Vision Your Avarice Lead To Scarred Shamed Partitions
So Callous In His Candor You Have To Coerce For Neglect
For Worse Or For Best I'm Confidant With A Verse Of Respect


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Re: Dumb out..

Post by complexity »

Just an idea, but Hazard probably left the site for a while because he drops like 100 bars and gets no feedback yet he leaves more feedback than anyone.

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Re: Dumb out..

Post by Ambiguous Realm »

wouldn't blame him ^^

overall this was a good piece, i still liked the other one better but this was longer so had more to take in, definitely a big improvement happening, i'd leave more feed but i got a horrible headache , nice drop

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Re: Dumb out..

Post by Phenom »

took time out of my day and read the whole thing.

i like most of your multi strings, usually flowed very well with the structure, off at points here and there, but overall you killed this. enjoyed readin this. more people should devote time to givin feed to shit like this.
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Re: Dumb out..

Post by MagicMark »

jeez, should have split this into 2 lol

flow was nice and multis where cool, your rhymescheme to me is a litle unusual, so its hard to really get into it, sometimes it'll be a classic AABB, then it'll be ABC even though theres transition and internal rhymes its still awkward to me, sure it would sound nice on audio tho..

punches where good for the most part, didnt get some of them i.e. like a piece of paper your sick-of-geez ?.. no ideas..

owen hart was nice, as where some others, but some where a little simple and forced, too many similie punches also, in my opinion, try and find a new way to word some of em, felt like the kinda punches where you say a pretty generic phrase then the punch is pretty exteneded ie. im too dope, like drugs that come in pairs etc.. lol, kind of awkward fa me

of course im being critical, overall the length and the quality was pretty high, keep doing man this was good.

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Re: Dumb out..

Post by 1 !LL B!tch »

It was long boo boo, wow, I had to read it in spurts...
Still it was good you had some !LL lines like

Who me?
i don't get fucked by some groupie who's a shitti rider like a hooptie...

give Credit where Credit Is Due ..
Due to no credit i'm severin few who are dislecsic in view..
i got good work ethics-its-true..
the way i give life to my dreams..i do what the medics-pursue..
I've gone from the 'undadog'.. to the guy 'unda..dog' thats when a 'run for skills' becomes a jogg!...

You went hard on all that there, good job I liked it. :)
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