Written Rhymes Rules(read before posting)

Drop your written rhymes in one of the largest collections of original rhymes on the internet. The feedback in our Written Rhymes section will simply amaze you.

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Written Rhymes Rules(read before posting)

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-Written Rules-
DO NOT post a written up with vulgarity in the name, for the most part we dont care whats in the verse but KEEP THE TITLE CLEAN

Before you post any new threads in this section you must first leave proper feed on TWO of your peers written drops then post the links with your drop...

it doesn’t have to be a book or even a paragraph but "this was dope" is not considered proper feed...

This will be strictly enforced if a verse is up for 24 hrs without links it will be closed and moved until links are PMed to a mod or admin

If your written is still on the front page please don’t "up it"... Its still in the view of people reading and feeding

Its OK to drop a link and ask for feed in the shout once and a while but please don't flood the shout box, people will not feed because you beg and annoy them :)

The classic written section is reserved for the very best posts. They will be collected monthly in a nomination thread, then voted on by mods, admins, and select members. Not every nomination will be voted on and not every month will produce a classic written. As i said only THE BEST OF THE BEST

Last but not least, Only post things you have written or collaborated on. Plagiarism isn’t only wrong, it is also illegal... and so the topic will be locked and moved

simple easy to follow rules... so follow them please :)
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Re: Written Rhymes Rules(read before posting)

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Re: Written Rhymes Rules(read before posting)

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start posting people


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