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Punchline Battle League Rules

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Punchline Battle League Rules
- Each Round will consist of 2 Bars

- You will be awarded points based on the following:
KO = 3 Points
Win = 2 Points
Showing Up = 1 Point
No Show = 0 Points

- If you no show, you will be suspended for one week and then put back in a regular match.

- More than one no show is an automatic suspension from the league.

- Bars will be due at the same time each week (Sunday) and no extensions will be given to anyone for any reason.

- Voting will last until the following Thursday

- Links or checkins are encouraged but not required but you must vote on at least 3 battles.

- No Recycled Bars allowed

- No Pictures or any other content allowed

- All Verses will be Submitted to Speakers

Championship Week
- The top two battlers with the most points will battle for the Championship.
- Each battler will be paired in their final match to determine places.
- The winner of Season One will be crowned BL Punchline Champion and will only defend his title in tournaments or against future Season Winners.


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