heart or a soldier

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heart or a soldier

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I got heart of a soldier //cuz I done seen the battle fields//
I use military tack ticks// to break down u cowards shields//
I infiltrate...Ur ranks // then ahnillelate... Ur flanks//
All ur ships ..They sank// nothing left but blood on the banks//
That’s only war games to me// cuz ima 5 star g//
So many casualties // ah general has to see//
Hand to hand combat// or unleashing the gat//
No room for error jak // and u know that’s a fact//
Ready for all terrains //or guerrilla warfare man//
Hope u boys understand//this soldier don’t give ah dame//
World dominations... is the plan// this is the first global assault mother fuckers (gunshot) "BAM"//

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Re: heart or a soldier

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lol wrong place to post man this belongs in "the scriptures" not classic

but chea some simple bars, sound military based.. welcome to illest.

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