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Post by Momeijah »

Probably The Best Punchline Drop ive Read From u Even Though Only About 60% Was On That Tip. Lot Of Good Ones i Planned On Quoting as i Read, So ill Do That at The End Of The Post Because im Blazed/Lazy. Some Were Simple But Effective (Which Are My Favourite Kind) Like For Example The Painters Line, The Dust Mites Line, The Blood Line (Hehe Wordplay) And The UFO Line. Some Punches Were a Little Played But at Least They Were Given a Fresh Feel, But Still Played Lines in General Don't Strike Me Hard Because it's Like Hearing a Joke For The 2nd Time, it Just Doesn't Match The 1st Even if it's Slightly Altered. Still The Good Punches Outnumbered The Played Ones at About 10 To 1.

The Flow Was Also Really Good, With All The inners And Smooth Multis, They Came Really Naturally.

I knew it was over, my futuristic thoughts throw psychics off, I'll take my rightful spot
as the only emcee who doesn't write a lot and still excites hip hop

^This Stood Out To Me Especially Flow Wise, it Was Really Crisp.

Definitely a Good Farewell Drop, Whether it is Or isn't. i Especially Liked How u Built Up The Self Hype Then Started With The Whole Rap 101 Shit. it's Like Displaying ur Power, Then Using it To Help Others AFTER They've Seen What u Can Do. Word Choice Was Nice, Metaphors Were Slick. The 'Dirt Road' Line Actually Kept Me Reading at 1st. Now For The Quotables /Sigh.

rip the session, I have a quick wit with this aggression
I think on my feet like a gymnastic teacher bent over doing trivia questions
I guess its destiny, I will forever be the best emcee, unless its a necessity
for me to stop, I'm like a clock, nobody is second guessing me
battling me is a recipe for disaster, most of my opponents honor the method
its rare if my personas affected, if it is you will be a goner in seconds

I sport adidas, nike, sweet kicks, lyrically you have nothing to offer
suffer the slaughter, u couldn't fill my shoes with a bucket of water
trust me, I'm hotter, in every sense of the word, ur meant to be served
u should go to guinness world records with ur attempt to be heard
nobody is as wack as my enemies, I laugh at their energy
u can get DNA from my tongue, you'll never able to match my intensity

laughing at ur sliding health, I don't do audio, because I would probably melt mics
ur a faggot that I use to help write, at the morgue is the only place u will have a shelf life


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Post by ugly »

Dope shyt mane, I could only complain bout ur writting habbits like starting off each line or bar with "Im, I or I'll" jus seens it would be better without

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Post by complexity »

ugly wrote:Dope shyt mane, I could only complain bout ur writting habbits like starting off each line or bar with "Im, I or I'll" jus seens it would be better without
Nice. Its nice to know that annoys other people as well. I always do that with punchlines.

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