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GoodLooks On Tha Feed ..
.. it`s S.a.W Bitches ..
.. Niggas ain't Fuckin Wit Tha Team ..




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dayum, that was sick as hell....son I wish I waas at that level dogg..
much respect..

great story line..beginning to end...like poetry style but with more..
combos in it..the hottest thing I've gotten to read here in scrips.
for as long as I been on here..

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nice write
i felt some spots the story was overdone, like on the climaxes it was sorta milked, but i enjoyed it dude, reminded me of a denzel movie i watched recently, i loved how ya switched between characters, it added a certain depth to the story, n yea btw man bein a person who reads alotta novels, i appreciated the fact u tried to give it a novel sorta feel, goin into background details on your characters n whatnot

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that shit was crack if you ever make an audio to that send it to me playa...

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