doomology vs mindscapes( doom wins 3-0)

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doomology vs mindscapes( doom wins 3-0)

Post by doomology »

straight up diss battle

on a 90's feel raw and dark

use ur own beat
1 to 2 minutes


due on 11-30-11

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Re: doomology vs mindscapes

Post by Mindscapes »


-- Tue Nov 29, 2011 3:28 pm --

Remain calm.

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Re: doomology vs mindscapes

Post by doomology »

[soundcloud]<object height="81" width="100%"> <param name="movie" value=" ... 7"></param> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param> <embed allowscriptaccess="always" height="81" src=" ... 2F29363177" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="100%"></embed> </object> <span><a href=" ... mindscapes battle</a> by <a href="">OMEGA HURTZ</a></span>[/soundcloud]

-- Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:52 am --

[soundcloud] ... pes-battle[/soundcloud]

DOOMS the chin checker the mic wreacker /
torturin this lil pecker in his house like the collector/
how the fuck u better bro u brake under pressure/
wit desperate measaures u come up short like webster /
throwin bombs like sector wit verbal weapons to wetcha /
disectin ya mind thoughts like hannibal lectar/
i been doin this since L.L. and planet rock /
while u be listenin to fuckin barney and bee bop/
watchin kids bop listenin to fuckin kids pop /
man i stomp thru mindscapes like a FUCKIN sasquatch/
dooms the class speaker how the fuck mind beatin a/
the fuckin plague fever formin a chemical ether /
into a heat seeker off the meters 2012 teacher/
death reacher mind reader the gate keeper St. peter/
wit a fuckin street sweeper the world eater/
the preacher wordsmith im either /
the god u worship in this fuckin tournament /
the black serpent spit terror without a tourbans/
u get merk for certain /
case close man its curtains/
this villian that merks nice guys so bye bye /
u get nice trys kuda gras and high fives/
just pray to god/
bitch you can stay alive survive/
whn i combine the force of my rymes/
it brakes karma n spines seven signs devine/
the will to live come kill the mental battlefeild/
wit thoughts like a winter chill/
draggin the blade up and down ur fuckin skills./.
i bite ur fuckin ear off bitch like tyson did hollyfield/
mind ur a target meat for the market /
man im a shark threat so SCREAM like david arkets /
man i carve necks fuckin char fleash so run like fuckin artest/
im comin for ya heart next /
wit power bombs arm bars leg lock submission /
who the fuck u dissin bro i flow like sonny listin /
wit punches to knock u off ur fuckin pedistal /
u fuckin confused like transexuals lookin at there tits and testicals /

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Re: doomology vs mindscapes

Post by Loon E Lou »


This was pretty dope.

MS: u had a nice instrumental choice. Flow was pretty tight i must say. Not alot of aggression which i think kinda hurt u. U had some decent lines, but again, the lack of aggression didnt really help deliver em. Took away from the impact. Dope flow either way, jus missing that one key thing imo.

Doom: yea man u got this one. Shit sounded tight all around. Alotta emphasis on ur lyrics relly helped ur verse here. Ur lines were also pretty basic. Sounded like u were jus tryna multi the shit outta him. Sounded dope sttil though man. U really got that shit down.

Creativity: doom. Had a smoother execution of what he was tryna do

Flow: doom. Smooooooth enough to hear the aggression as well as everything he was sayin

Presence: doom. Pretty easy

Mvgt doooooooooooom

Nice job fellas

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Re: doomology vs mindscapes

Post by Quix »


Wow, was digging the flow, Doom's content just was more effective than Mindscapes. Thought Doom's punches landed a lot more as well as were more effective

Good battle to both of you. But i say Doom gets it!
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Re: doomology vs mindscapes

Post by Alvin »

creativity - Lyrics, both, but delivery, effects, punches, DOOM

flow - Doom, was a lil more confident and had less slips

pressance - Doom, for a battle, Hoolyfield lol.

Good battle mens, I like this shit right here, honestly. But only one can win and according to the cats you wanted us to vote on Doom wins

+1 Doomology


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