Audio Tournament: TreTru vs. Dos - R1 (TreTru wins KO)

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Audio Tournament: TreTru vs. Dos - R1 (TreTru wins KO)

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Re: Audio Tournament: TreTru vs. Dos - R1

Post by Dos »

chincheq.. good luck Tre.

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Re: Audio Tournament: TreTru vs. Dos - R1

Post by TreTru »

okay?..i'll try my best to make this one..
oh well aight then i guess it's dos...
we go back a couple of years,no hard feelings for sure
cuz we never got to do that colabo... haha

check G/L dos..

HAHA ITS 1145 Hawaii time....lets get it..

the show is over ho i'll leave ya comatosed
looks like ya clock is broke cuz Your time is Overdos..1
first shot will hit ya Jaw and Leave fukin molarbroke..
ya lines wouldnt be dope as mines with a dos of coke

we all know Dos a joke cryin how people vote
speakin foul wantin kids should bow like hes the pope?..1.5
my flos will leave ya Froze!!under the buried snow
im cold as winter in ya home.. ontario...2

Bitch im a pro!! you a ameatur Battlin me..
Ya Just another bitch from Canada..Avril Lavigne
and like porno ya fucked there wont be no sequel
i'll leave ya stretched out pussy start workin ya kiegels

ya fuckin style is feeble sound like an angry weasel
truth is im already over dosed!! he cant be lethal.
im illests hero! ya fairily evil.. this sorry Fag!!
got tagged treated like his home site....BODY BAGGS!!..3

last time you Ducked and escaped with ya life Dos
but whyd you lie for sayin that ya mic broke..
bitch said his Mic Broke!!right before our meeting Dude
pulled the whodini Poof!!too afraid to see the Truth...4

so who you tryin to fool..trick
if i use the tool..Fix
you..leave ya whole YUKON chopped and screwed
twist..truth is ya efforts useless
ripped..i break ya melon leave this fruit split

Qwik?..aint no runnin from the Truth Kid.
my punches hit her uppercunt Ohyuken
street fight me? hawaii we'll strangle ya dawg
this homo wanna 'roll' with me just to grapple my balls

can you handle the fall?..cuz im so sky high
throw ya from a plane..still aint fly for a white guy
just take ya mic wire..and hang yaself with the cable
and build a booth stop recordin near ya kitchen table...5

you on the sidelines tryin to step up in the game
since the truth came into play the game aint the same..
this fein on the 2nd string gettin capped by a tru starter my drop was fitted 2 ya brain

ya cred is dyin fam we aint gon buuy it man
ya just another white boy named ryan Grant...6
i'll smash ya diaphram... broke until you puke
you still couldnt spit sik there a dose of the truth

the other site ya ya thinkin ya god
we know ya gonna Blow so pucker up stay on ya job..3
like breakin dawn you been Suckin hard, since ya appearence
aint got none of us fearin on illest so fuck ya lyrics..7

.. now ya up against best
counting spanish the only time Dos is before Tre's

1.his full alias is overdose
1.5.Tru talk here>>>
2.he's from ontario canada
3.his home sites body bags..he's a mod there
4.last tourney he was in here we were supposed to battle
but he stayed on a different site and claims his mic broke
proof>> ... 2-180.html
5.he said that in da shoutbox!!
6.His real name's Ryan Grant hella generic
7.the name of his crew..F.uck U.r L.yrics ... i&newref=1
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Re: Audio Tournament: TreTru vs. Dos - R1

Post by Dos »

i was just going to drop by midnight at my own time, i doubt i'd be on a computer by the time cali time rolls around.
ima finish writing tonight, an try to record. no promises, but it'll be up by midnight of the 27th by my time (east)

-- Fri May 27, 2011 11:06 pm --

Lyrics are on the page.

tres/tre's is 3 in spanish.. dos/2
a "dose"/dos is an amount of medicine a doctor gives you.
i land punches/island punches (he's lives on the island)
Tre's losing his hair.
bazooka is a bubble gum brand, Tre has a lot of bubble gum songs.
Tre won that belt in his signature on HHR.
i dropped a diss on 'em, & challenged 'em for it. he never accepted.
he left shortly after an came here.
gotta mixtape or some shit called "island crypt".. crypt are graves.
true/tru an lie..
loon e/loonie, is a dollar. in sweat shops kids get payed next to nothing.

good luck.

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Re: Audio Tournament: TreTru vs. Dos - R1

Post by Alvin »

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn...ahem... daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

-MULTIES- Dos - Both did fucking good, but this part took it: "no arian legion/ air'n this geek when"

-DELIVERY- TreTrue - Both again were dope, but tre was on point, even when he did the chopped flow towards the end.

-PUNCHES- TreTru - tbh, i was rolling at the Avril line lol. Both cam with heat, but it felt like Dos was describing a battle in the beginning then battled towards the end with heat, and tre brought heat the whole time.

-CREATIVITY- Dos - Maaaaaaaaan, both came with heat, but the creativity behind Dos's set ups and word plays barely edged it for me.

-NAMEFLIPS- Dos - Dude used his name as a flip as much as possible lol, pretty funny that both of you flipped the spanish numerical format but neither of you guys are spanish lol.

-PERSONALS- TreTrue - Both had several, but i think tre did a better job at ridiculing them lol

-CONSISTENCY- TreTru - He just didn't stop bringing fucking fire the whole time.

Holy Fuck Tart.... This was an awesome battle, an extremely hard to judge. I think some vets need to grace this battle with intelligent votes. One way or another...


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Re: Audio Tournament: TreTru vs. Dos - R1

Post by Kurse »

Very interesting battle. Glad to see that the audio battle division is finally beginning to take off. I flexed the creation chamber for years, and made quite a few of the early blessings for the audio battle grounds. So believe me when I say that I'm proud to see something that I worked hard for caught on and flourished. But enough of the history lesson...let's talk about you guys.


...listening to both tracks and reading the lyrics out, the battle was pretty even down the middle with the exception of the two categories that I felt Tre Tru out-shined Dos in. Now I don't judge categories based off of someone executing a particular category more than their opponent, I look to see if the emcee's utilized the category at all, and if they did I give them credit for doing so. I judge by the categories in overall presentation. Tre and Dos both put out nameplay, personals...and stayed consistant to the topic at I don't see one being better than the other. BUT...Tre Tru's delivery is alot cleaner, alot crisper and alot more commercial in terms of his presentation. He just had a better structure and you can tell is was executed according to his blueprint. Which in the end...made his drop very fluid for the listeners. I felt his punches were making more of an impact than Dos'. Including his government name, his label, and other things that can ONLY pertain to Dos were dropped in just the right Tre kinda easily leaped over that wall and stole that category as well.

Props to both was definitely a battle I enjoyed listening to and found worth my time. Good luck to you both in your future advancements...look forward to seeing you both venture through illestlyrics.

Final Vote: Tre Tru


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Re: Audio Tournament: TreTru vs. Dos - R1

Post by Lawgix »

ALRIGHTY THEN!!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN ya'll had some good verses in this shit.... plenty of personals and punches haha....

MULTIES- Tre Tru.... both of em had some MASSIVE multies but Tre just came harder haha
CREATIVITY- Tied Up but i'm kinda leanin more towards Tre Tru man
NAMEFLIPS- Dos... just came harder...

OHYUKEN!!!! haha

man.... BOTH of these tracks came hard.... glad to see people ARE SHOWING UP FOR BATTLES!!!! both tracks were dope as hell man.... BUT.... i felt Tre's just came a bit harder.... when Dos switched the beat up... i think it lost a bit of its luster.... wasn't real smooth with the transition.... which transitions in beats doesn't win battles... it just kinda fell off IMO... shoulda kept the same beat goin... BUT i know what u were goin for just being a bit different in the competition..... which is a good thing... but being smooth about it is another.... so both tracks were dope both had good punches... both kept it fluent... but

My Vote Goes To Tre Tru...
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Re: Audio Tournament: TreTru vs. Dos - R1

Post by Alvin »

-Thread Closed & Records Updated-

TreTru wins KO & Proceeds to Final Round


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