Championship Belt Rules

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Championship Belt Rules

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Check it...

Since we've flipped things around by throwin "Title Belts" in the mix...
...we'll keep it interesting this way.

[align=center]Here are the rules while holding the belt and how to challenge for the belt:[/align]

I. Title holder must defend his title atleast once a month *

II. Title holder can put the title belt on the line at anytime or vacate the belt at anytime **

III. Only time titled holder is forced to put his title on the line is when a tourney is in progress or following the tourney ***


Details of each rule listed.[/align]

*The title holder must defend his title a minimum of atleast once a month. If no member should challenge the current reigning champion within a months time-frame, the title holder just doesn't have to defend. (pretty simple...if there's no challenger, then there's no battle) Failure to defend atleast once by the end of a months time results in being stripped of the title.

**If the current reigning champ has already defended his title atleast once within his month's timeframe, he's allowed to decline all other battles that challenge his belt for the remainder of the month, if he's chooses so. BUT...he can also choose to defend his title on any & every battle that he has. (so basically, the champion has to defend a minimum of once a month, and the maximum times he can defend are infinite)

***The only time the current reigning champion is forced to defend his title is if there's is a text tourny in progress. If the title holder should lose in one of the earlier rounds of the tourny, then the title is obviously vacant until a winner of the tournement emerges. This is only for text tourny's only!!! Any other type of tourny (topical tourny, etc. etc) is excluded. BUT, the winner of any other optional tourny other than text wins 1 free challenge to the title at anytime. The reigning champion cannot decline that challenge.
Failure for any champion to follow these rules can be stripped of his title by an Admin.

These are the 3 main important rules to start off with. If there's need for more, they will be added as time goes on. But this is a start. Enjoy your challenges and your battles. Goodluck!

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