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Read Before Sharing

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I know there aren't many producers on this forum but I figured I'd create this to help those on here and hopefully bring in some more traffic from across the internet

Anybody is welcome to make a thread in this section to share something they've made or found to be useful, but heed the following rules or your posts will be deleted

1. Don't post copyrighted samples or cracked software theirs plenty of other sites on the net for that, I realize it'd probably bring more attention to the forum if this wasn't a rule but their's no sense risking legal threats and bullshit when theirs a plethora of other sites people can go to for bootlegged copyrighted shit. I'm hoping this will be an active forum not a passive section of people looking for cracked shit.

2. Link to the authors site (if you are not the author) don't upload shit directly on here if possible. If people are generous enough to give away shit they've worked hard on it's only right that their site at least gets an accurate gauge of how many people are using their product & ad revenue if they have ads. Also it'll cut down on bandwidth on this site. If something was free a long time ago and the site doesn't exist or something then its fine to post it on here. I just don't want people stepping on any toes because most freeware plugin & sample producers make it clear they want shit downloaded directly from them & not uploaded and distributed elsewhere, if you have permission to upload it from the author or they say in their licenses that its fine to re-distribute it how you see fit then its also fine to upload here but thats usually not the case.

3. List the format of the plugin/sample in your posts to avoid confusion. (ex if its a windows vst say that or if its a mac vst/au plugin say that or if its sample loops or drumkits say that)

that's pretty much it, when I get time I'm going to write guides on how to install vsts & where to put samples in the most commonly used DAW's, in the meantime anybody else is welcome to do that as well
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