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Post by precise »

hahahahahaha WTF???? this threads hilarious! and thank you for sparin us from any more of youre rhymes adept we all appreciate it

facin me? its mission impossible, like pickin up lesbian broads
fuck all these thespian frauds, they "bug me" like espionage

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Rap Assassin
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Post by Typeo »

Tom...taking my place of all hate?

I feel the need to tell this bitch that Tom ain't nothin' compared to me.

Adept you seem like you need a tissue, one so you don't jack off all over your floor, and two wipe away those damn tears.

Stupid lil bitch...trying to fuck with Tom of all you're sad.

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young chopa
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Post by young chopa »

wtf leave that man alone yall gay bitches tom my homboi
you got a problem???!?!?!?!?!?! huh!!?!?!?!? huh fuck boi?!

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Post by complexity »

Thanks chop, but they are just playing

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