High As Hell, With A Story To Tell

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High As Hell, With A Story To Tell

Post by Kause mc »

Yea uhhhhh... Im high...

Anyway i got a story and u can sit here n read it or u can click 'back'.. wateva's good man im just tryna get my narration on n shiiiiiit

So me n my boy head to a music shop about half an hour away right? Smoked a joint cruisin listenin to my mixtape checkin EVERYTHING THREE TIMES! its gota b perfect, anyway we got there.. Strait up baught an mpk49 (which is a keyboard for u that dont kno)

We plugged this thing in and i felt like a fuckin 6 year old on christmas day! Its insane and i defeniatly recomend one for YOUR studio! Any way i got these sick headphones for twenty Australian dollars and they pump like crazy! And also baught a pop filter (ive been usin a fucking coat hanger and some god dam stocking... U get sick of lookin at that lol)

Anyway... Today was a good day

So why not share YOUR story ??!!

Dont like this post? Too bad

Like it? Share your baked behaviour (<<<wtf?) umm share your fried lives and uhh.. Your high times, your blazed days, your spaced out walkabout, your umm... Wateva man just share...

Signing out as high as... Too high
~Kause eMCee

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Re: High As Hell, With A Story To Tell

Post by Defiance »

nice dude maybe now your songs won't suck....... LOL j/k

but n-e ways that rocks man keep the music pumping man

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