make a change - single long verse

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make a change - single long verse

Post by Nell » ... ml#p185143 ... ml#p185144

only song there, cause i only just recently got my equipment, its dope, im new to recording, still figuring out the software, comressiion, eq etc, so any help would be appreciated.
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Re: make a change - single long verse

Post by TreTru »

i will definately get you some feed on this a lil later today when i get home...i anxious to hear it..thanx bruh!!

and Welcome to illest

-- Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:55 pm --

okay..hmm this bat is aight...
this starts out pretty hard but you start toslip off ya flo by about the 7th or 8th bar.
2nd verse did the same.
Hook could use some werk..

ya presence seemed aight in the verses as far as that goes..keep doin ya thing playuh!!

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Re: make a change - single long verse

Post by Dynamiq »

pretty decent, you need better delivery tho brother. try upping your quality as well which will help in the long run. kiu
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