Blue Cheese ‘N’ Coney Island is Bizarres latest album, this is his sophomore album, his first was Handicap Circus.

Bizarres album came out October 23rd.

Biz recently talked with XXL about his new album and future projects with D12.

“Is Eminem involved in the album at all?

Nah, I did this album quick, so I really didn’t have time to reach out to him. He’s busy doing his thing too. I wanted to really do this on my own, with no influence. I’m trying to get away from the whole Eminem thing. I just want to be Bizarre and not focus on Marshall at all.

Is your relationship with Em still as strong as it once was?

Yeah man, we still cool. But you got to fly away from the nest. Because, to me, I’m just as much of [a] character as he is. Why should I be standing around in the background, in the shadows of somebody else, when I could get out there? People think I’m funny. People mess with me too. So I got to get out there and explore, do my thing.

What’s the status on the new D12 album?

We been working on it for like six months now. But it’s kind of on hold because Interscope wants Marshall to come out with his album first. He’s gonna come out with his thing real quick.”

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The tracklist to his new album.

1. Rock Out – Bizarre, King Gordy

2. Knock ‘Em Out – Bizarre, King Gordy,

3. So Hard – Bizarre, Monica Blair

4. Sex Tape – Bizarre

5. Animal – Bizarre, King Gordy,

6. How I Hustle – 7 Nation, Bizarre,

7. Welcome 2 the D – Bizarre, Kuniva, , Young Miles

8. Get This Money – Bizarre,

9. Got This Addiction – Bizarre

10. Wicked – Bizarre,

11. She’s Homeless – Bizarre

12. Start a Mosh Pit – Bizarre

13. Cakin – Bizarre, Dub, , King Gordy,

14. G-14 – Bizarre

15. Fat Boy Dance – Bizarre,

16. Fat Boy – Bizarre, King Gordy

The first single.

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