Bishop Lamont talks about his new Mixtape called Caltroit and Eminems new album.

Here is the interview.

Dubcnn: It’s gonna be awesome! One of the guest appearances on “Caltroit” is Dr. Dre!

Yeah, AKA “Hell Yeah!” Bless you man. He’s in Detroit right now working with Em, and they’re coming up with some lovely shit, I can’t wait. Em’s shit’s gonna be amazing, because we need Em back, but [the collaboration on “Caltroit”] was just easy. It was spontaneous. He just jumped into the booth and was like, “What y’all want me to do?” It’s easy. So there’s some surprises coming, that’s just a little taste. I just want to floss. Most people can’t even get a Dre beat, let alone get him on a mixtape, so it’s fun.

Dubcnn: Have you been working on Eminem’s new project at all?

No, but we’re actually going to be doing…I don’t want too get deep into it. It’s a lot of magic going on, you know what I’m sayin’? You could see a “Bad Meets Evil” part 2, just like Royce and Em got down, shouts out to the big homeboy Royce. We’re brainstorming something really fresh, so you’re definitely gonna see a collaboration. I’m gonna stop there! I want surprises for “The Reformation,” but yeah, there’s gonna be some magic. Em’s got a crazy album, I can say that!

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