Bishop Lamont is once again talking about the highly disclosed new Eminem album.

The interview is for Bishop-Lamont’s new site.

I guess, it’s good advertisement to speak about any new Em projects.

Hence this post : D yeah yeah … So switching gears over here .. what about Eminem’s new album?

Bishop: yo um um Dre played me a few records while we was on vacation and even before and it just some crazy s*** man .. I’m happy .. you know what I mean because I was worried that Em was going to retire … we wasn’t going to be able to play ball together you now what I mean? Haha What kind of Eminem can we expect on this album … ?

Bishop: He back on that Slim Shady S*** man Ohhh cool cool .. so he didn’t kill him eh? Good…..

Bishop: haha Nahhhh! He’s alive and he’s necessary and at the same time also you going to see the maturity you know… to me …personally.. I cant critique or explain what the angle for the album is but it even has Marshall Mathers aspects to it you know.. he’s addressing a lot of s*** … you know what I mean? I haven’t even heard all the records but there is so much dope s*** and it excited me and made my pen go harder… you know what I mean .. you gotta see other ***** on court you gotta see other ***** play on the court you know what I mean? you gotta see ***** do all kinds of crazy moves and s***.. slams! For you to get on yo s*** … you know what I mean .. and his jumpers is wicked you know what I mean? This ***** boofing from the other side of the motherf***en arena and s*** .. you got some dope s*** … so .. I’m excited Can you say anything about a possible collabo between you and Em? You think you’ll be featured on the album?

Bishop: I cant even speak on that .. but you might see him on my album .. I don’t want to let nothing out the… *laughs* …. I don’t want to let nothing out the bag man because … Well f*** man .. imagine how dope that fu**en track would be?

Bishop: boy you telling me! I’m already knowing there’s some there’s some things going on .. I’m gonna set up .. but umm yeah…

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