Beyonce was asked about having children recently and she responded ““Yes, in 10 years. For the moment, there are still so many things I need to accomplish.”

Beyonce recently said on Larry King Live, she wants to leave a legacy. She is going to stay focused on her career apparently.

Jay Z touches on the subject in “Lost Ones” off his new album Kingdome Kong. An emotional look at his life.

Jay and Beyonce have been dating for a couple years now and recently marriage has been rumored all over the media.

Jay Z who is thirty six years old will be forty six years old when Beyonce is ready for kids.

In the times we are living that is not exceptionally old, nevertheless it will be interesting if Jay Z comments on the situation.

Jay Z and Beyonce are not known for being out in the spotlight, sharing all the information about their love life, which makes this an interesting development.

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