How great of a year has it been for B.o.B. Early last year, if you didn’t check blogs on the regular you probably didn’t know who he was. Now, the unconventional artist is performing at MTVs biggest event of the year.

One of the cool parts of the performance was that Bruno Mars played the piano as B.o.B rattled off bars from his single Nothing on You. Followed by transferring into his other single Airplanes that features the stunning Hayley Williams who got a good amount of air time after B.o.B was done.

In a show that featured Eminem opening, Kanye West closing, Mary J Blige performing with Drake. B.o.B might have been outshined slightly as far as star power goes, but he made sure to make an impact when he was on stage for the short period of time he was allotted.

The Adventures of Bobby Ray is currently in stores. It is still one of the most well received albums of the year.

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