Get ready, Asher Roth is back and on his G.R.I.N.D (Get Ready It’s A New Day) preparing for his sophmore album & the latest LP The Spaghetti Tree . From air time to college tours, Asher plans to build enough promotion in order to get fans to listen and viewers for his music career & credability. I’ve always thought this artist has been extraordinary since his come up single, I Love College. Asher also has had multiple out-takes leaving strong messages in his songs on what he perceives the cultivation of Hip-Hop is. Asher has shown us that staying in public eyes and radio presence just isn’t enough to be acknowledged as a talented artist, but when on the rise the key value you should have when trying to be different is.. Dedication. Below is a video clip from Vlad TV offering an ideal as to what any artist, producer or plain old entrepreneur should be doing if trying to be recognized in the come up. Might I daresay? Jesus it’s a lot of work!!

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