Damn, Andre 3000 was arrested for driving his porshe at an unbelievable 109 miles per hour.

andre 3000 arrested

Revered Atlanta rapper Andre 3000 was arrested outside of Atlanta on Saturday (March 28), for driving his 2007 Porsche Carrera at speeds so excessive police called him “an accident waiting to happen.” According to a report by local ABC-affiliate WSB-TV Monday afternoon (March 30), the Grammy Award winning rapper/actor was arrested by a member of the Henry County Police Department’s Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic Team early Saturday morning.

The officer stated that he clocked Andre 3000, born Andre Benjamin, at 109 mph, 44 mph over the 65 mph speed limit along that stretch of I-75.

Benjamin was arrested for the danger he posed to other drivers.

“Traveling that fast along 75, you’re passing people as if they’re standing still,” explained Henry County Police Captain Jason Bolton. “It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

The arrest comes as State Representative Jim Cole is lobbying for a new Super Speeder Bill to be passed in the state of Georgia.

The law would impose an additional $200 fine for any driver stopped for driving at more than 85 miles an hour on highways and four-lane roads. Georgia Governor Sonny Purdue has indicated his support of the bill, which he intends to sign into law before summer.

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