If you haven’t heard, the criminals in Washington are cracking down on hip hop sites that offer links to free music. Sites like OnSmash.com, RapGodFathers.com and about 80 more have been completely seized and shut down. Now, here at Illest, we never provided actual downloads, we just provided links to other sites that could of had them, which is still perfectly legal. But from now on, we are not going to provide any links, and until further notice, we will not be able to provide any mp3 streams either (possibly Youtube videos as well).

First and foremost, what we pride ourselves on here at Illest is our forum, if that means cutting down our news section, then so be it. We are not willing to let this hainus Government stunt ruin the incredible forum we have provided for almost the past 5 years. We will obide by the rules, merely because we have to. But we will also encourage the concern of freedom of speech, with this COICA movement, our Freedom of Speech may very well be at jeopardy. And if that is so, then the integrity and meaning of our forum will be completely destroyed.

We don’t support this outlandish Government policy, anyone with a coherent mind can see this first wave of attacks are all funded and influenced by the lobbying between Washington and Corporate America. White collar did their part, now it’s time for the crooked politicians to do theirs. The proprietorship of one’s music should always be up to the artist, but in a time of unjust corporate corruption, and the degeneration of our youth, it is anything but that. Low album sales are mainly to blame, but that problem lies directly in the world of iTunes and single-downloads. Nobody buys albums anymore, times have change, for the good, and for the bad.

We will bring more to you as it comes, for more information on the crack down, check out this article.

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