Akon threw a kid off the stage a couple months ago. Finally he has been arrested for it.

According to a statement released by Donald Williams, Chief of the Fishkill police department, Akon is being charged with endangering the welfare of a minor, and second degree harassment.

Though it seemed like it was “staged” when Akon threw a 15 year old kid off the stage at the Dutchess Stadium, June 3. Apparently it was not or the crowd (aka the people who ran away when the kid was falling) were uninformed of the act.

The kid reportedly wasn’t injured and refused medical treatment.

Of course, somebody would claim to be injured in this mix. Abby Rosa filed charges, she evidently ended up with a concussion (maybe it was his annoying voice that got to her) when the young kid landed on her; head? I would have to assume.

I’m not saying, she wasn’t injured. It’s just quite obvious, that someone was going to get money out of this situation.

Read The Fox Article – Enter At Your Own Risk

Related: I just saw this on Bill O Reilly. He was named the “pin head” on the pin heads or patriot segment. It takes one to know one, I guess.

Pinhead recognize pinhead Billy.

Watch the video below. Notice, the crowd rushing to help the poor kid.

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