All signs seem to point that Kanye West’s album Graduation is selling more than 50 cent’s Graduation.

Kanye has been on top since the beginning of the competition between the two emcees, which was 4 days ago when both the albums came out.

Kanye West album graduation seems to have sold 150,000 more copies than 50 Cent’s Curtis.

Graduation at about 781k to Curtis at 603k.

At this rate both the albums will be the top sellers of the year in the respected #1 and #2 spot.

This has to be blamed on the marketing scheme which saw them battling in sales. One of the most brilliant schemes, I have personally seen in a long time.

In 50’s most recent interview he proved he hasn’t lost faith.

“[The sales] can’t be considered [any one way] anyway because it’s just a few days out,” he said to Billboard. “I guess [the music industry] would consider me to be a hip-hop favorite because of my sales history, and people like to root for the underdog.”

If he doesn’t sell more, 50 claims he will go to war with def jam.

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