A brand new mixtape from 50 Cent available for download and presented by Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected.




01. Crossing Him Is A “Grave Mistake”
Scene 1: The Beginning
02. The Year That Changed His Life
03. Growing To Be Rap’s MVP *
Scene 2: A Hustler’s Ambition
04. The Only Solution (Feat. Notorious B.I.G) *
05. Is A Hustler’s Dream For Success (Feat. Marvin Gaye) *
06. Bringing “Reefer Madness” (Feat. Barry White, KRS One, Channel Live & Jigsy King) *
07. But Don’t Get Caught Up As A Suspect (Feat. Tony Yayo)
Scene 3: A Mentor And A Friend
08. The DJ Saved My Life
09. He Aint No “Regular Joe”
Scene 4: Just A Kid From 134th Street
10. I’m A 134th Street Allstar (Unreleased Freestyle)
11. And I’m Realer On The Street, Than I Am On Wax
12. I Showed These Rappers “How To Rob”
Scene 5: I’m A Survivor Of The Streets
13. You Cannot Kill Me
14. Though Many Men Wished Death Upon Me *
Scene 6: The Definition Of A Wanksta
15. What Is A Wanksta?
16. Real Men Don’t “Backdown” !#
17. Or Your Life Will Be On The Line *
18. I Rock Wilder Than The Average (Unreleased Freestyle)
19. That’s Me (The Realest In The Streets) (Unreleased Freestyle)
Scene 7: He Ain’t Got Game
20. I Gave You The Game
21. But He’s Not Rich, And Still Lying
Scene 8: I Created His Own Funeral
22. Where In The World Is Camron?
23. He’s At His Funeral
Scene 9: The Biggest Disappointment
24. His Career Is Dead
25. Cuz I Put A Hollow Thru Him (Feat. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo)
26. Last Time You Fuck With My “Piggy Bank” !
Scene 10: Stunting Like His Daddy?
27. You Two Must Be “Part Time Lovers”
28. Too Bad Your Daddy Can’t Make A Hit
29. You Want Me To Die Ugly?
30. Nigga, Now I’m On Your Heels
Scene 11: Mr. Police Academy
31. Talk About My Baby Moms?
32. I’m Going To Fuck Up Your Life For Fun
33. Plus You Won’t Believe What Tia Told Me
34. Even Your Man Knows You’re A Fraud
Scene 12: What’s Beef?
35. Bringing The “Heat” To Any Battle !
36. Cuz You Gonna Get “Shot Down” #
37. Now Your Bloodclot Mouth Is Permantely Shut
Scene 13: I Run This Shit Man
38. I Get Money, Money I Got *
39. You Know I “Get It In” !
40. Cuz I Aint Never Gonna Fall Off !
Scene 14: Headed For Self Destruction
41. Signed, “The Nigga You Love To Hate”


50 Cent The Undertaker Mixtape

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