To allow a better focus on his material, 50 Cent intentionally takes his time with his 5th solo album. During a press conference, 50 explains how he’s always been rushing to meet deadlines with previous albums, and has decided to take a different approach with this LP.

“I’ve worked longer on this album than any of my other projects. I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate the things that I created initially, and go back and revamp things and change things around a bit,” he said. “Both Em and Dre have had opportunities to critique themselves, when I was always on the shot clock. So this time, I get a chance to really make sure I feel like it’s going to be the right music for this time period.”

Here’s a little something some 50 Cent fans can look forward to as 50 Cent is looking through his personal life as an inspiration towards his next release, similar to his debut Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

“My material comes from my actual experience. In a lot of ways, the things that I’m saying, it doesn’t necessarily reflect my mind state at the time, but my first album had all of the dysfunction that I was being exposed to. It went on to be the largest debuting Hip Hop album, selling 12 million records. The task of recreating that came up. So I had to figure out new ways to write things or new portions of my experience to create music based on those things. Now, this album, it’s more creative, I feel like, because I’ve’ had to find things away from those things that I’ve done continuously.”

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