Friend or foe? That’s been the question that the hip hop community has wondered for a number of years now. To be honest, I don’t think that Jay Z or 50 Cent know either.

The subliminals keep coming. Jay clearly took a shot at 50 Cent in the single Monster featuring Kanye West and Rick Ross.

But its probably justified after 50 Cent tried to make himself the middle man in the beef between Jay Z and Beanie Sigel.

With all that being said, that makes the conversation between the two at Jay and Eminem’s stadium concert extravaganza even more intriguing.

In the video that you’re about to watch 50 Cent comments on that discussion. Obviously being sly as 50 tends to be because marketing is always the big picture with him. How many records can you sell on the premise of not beefing? 50 also breaks down the beef with Puff Daddy (from his perspective) leaving more questions than answers as usual.

Here’s the video:

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