San Francisco rapper Conceit has won the youtube competition announced by 50 cent today. The day of his new album “Curtis” being released.

The YouTube OntheRise Rap Edition content saw 1000’s of entries including Illest own Kurse.

The youtube community picked from the top 20 narrowed down from 50 cent and Common.

Conceit had this to say “Thanks and a big shout out to everyone who voted on my video, and also a major thank you to 50 Cent and YouTube for helping me shine,” said Conceit via a statement. “The other artists in the top 20 were first class emcees and it was a privilege to be part of this with them. A special thank you to all the SF Bay Area heads that have always supported me and my crew, you get all my love.”

Conceit won 10,000 Guitar Center Shopping Spree, A Boss BR-1600 Digital Multitrack Recorder and a Roland MV-8800 Production Studio, and had his video featured on the homepage of YouTube.

The most important prize is a professionally put out by 50 cent G-Unit/Interscope.

This is the video that won.

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