50 cent speaks about going on stage at screamfest. He also talks about the reaction he got from Jay and Kanye.

He also talks about his beef with Weezy again.

Remember the album “Curtis” will be in stores September 11th.

50 talks about his beefs.

50 Speaks On Oprah and Al Sharpton. He also makes fun of Kanye West.

Onsmash interview part 1 of 3.

Onsmash interview part 2 of 3.

50 answers if he ever gets tired of the controversy.

If Ja Rules career can ever be resurrected.

50 clarifies to some degree why he is beefing with Lil Wayne, and if it has anything to do with the collaboration with Ja Rule.

He responds about his first two singles not getting a great reception.

Fifty says “Fat Joe is going to have the lean back song as his hit for the rest of his fucking career”.

He talks about giving Game three singles “how we do”, “west side story, and “hate it or love it”. He went on to say, imagine if all of them went on his album, which they could have. They would have been with “just a little bit”, “candy shop”, and “disco inferno”.

He claims we would have thought he could walk on fucking water.

He said “he wrote all of them hit articles in the same time as the Massacre”.

Fifty talks about regrets with business decisions. Divulges about people he has helped out to much and invested in too much.

He was asked if there will be another fifty cent in the near future.

He speculates if more people want to see him fail than succeed.

50 cent discusses up and coming Ny Rappers.

He talks about Papoose, Joeel Ortiz, Saigon, Tru Life,

He divulges his opinion, if Ny rappers need crime stories.

Why he got involved with the LL Cool J Project.

He talks about Interscope compared to other labels.

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