I very rarely have used the word shocking on this site because when covering this genre of music, very little actually lives up to that type of hype. I will truly say that this is the most shocking pictures that I’ve ever posted on this site, 50 cent has lost 60 pounds, and although, he still looks relatively normal, the difference will drop your jaw.

Tell us about this upcoming movie that has had our interview schedule so crazy…

“Things Fall Apart?” Oh, it’s myself Mario Van Peebles, Ray Liotta, Lynn Whitfield and it’s a project that I wrote, produced and financed myself. It’s about a Heisman hopeful who could possibly be going to the league and everyone is assuming he’s gonna make it and then he’s hit with an illness. I had a friend of mine who actually experienced cancer and it’s what motivated me to write this screenplay. You don’t have to make everything personal, but that project was. That’s why I committed to playing a role where I lost 54 pounds.

Wow! Fifty-four pounds?

I had to discipline myself enough until I achieved it but… I got it.

Interview about lost weight | Thisis50.com article

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