50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct – Album

50 Cent might finally have album that can be mentioned in the same breath as Get Rich Or Die Trying. The problem, for 50 Cent fans, absolutely none, for everybody wanting to profit off the album, it has leaked an unbelievable month before its release date. We should expect some major changes before the album comes out.




01. The Invitation
02. Then Days Went By
03. Death To My Enemies
04. So Disrespectful
05. Psycho
06. Hold Me Down
07. Crime Wave
08. Stretch
09. Strong Enough
10. Get It Hot
11. Gangsta’s Delight
12. I Got Swag
13. Baby By Me (feat. Ne-Yo)
14. Do You Think About Me
15. Ok, You’re Right
16. Could’ve Been you
17. Flight 187 (iTunes Bonus Track)
18. Baby By Me (iTunes Bonus Track)
19. Man’s World (iTunes Bonus Track)


Crime Wave

Leak Date

October 28th, 2009

Release Date

November 23rd, 2009


2 responses to “50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct – Album”

  1. This album is pure fire!