Floyd Mayweather is going to be at Wrestlemania in a match against the Big Show.

It seems as though, he wants his friend 50 cent to come to the ring with him.

It’s being billed as “The Best vs the Biggest.” Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather will face WWE’s Paul “Big Show” Wight at “WrestleMania XXIV” on March 30 in Orlando, Florida. Even though the 7-foot-plus Wight outweighs “Money” Mayweather by more than 300 pounds, the boxing champ has been his cocky self when hyping the fight.

One trick Mayweather may have up the sleeve of his robe is getting 50 Cent to accompany him to the ring. The boxer came out to the sound of 50’s “I Get Money” during a verbal confrontation with the Big Show two weeks ago. On Friday, when the rapper was hosting New York radio station Power 105.1, Mayweather asked his friend for a favor.

“I’d like for you to bring me out [at ‘Wrestlemania’],” he said.

“I’m coming. I’m coming,” 50 answered.

Of course, this could just be to hype up 50 cent’s new website thisis50.com.

I don’t see, WWE turning down the idea though. If it can get them a couple extra pay per view buys for their biggest event of the year. Odds are they are all for it.

Illest Lyrics will keep you updated with this latest on this situation.

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