Who doesn’t love to party? We all do. And we are all addicted to what comes before the party – dressing up. Dressing up for clubbing calls for a delicate reality check on which dress will work for you and which will not. This is no ordinary feat. Not every woman is born with a perfect model-like figure and can pull off almost every kind of dress that the most creative and even eccentric designers came up with. The trick is learning to follow the simple rules that this article humbly compiled:

Be Practical

Be practical and no, it’s not about the money. Wear only what fits to you. This is common sense. If you love to party you should know your body type, and knowing your body type not only means being aware of your assets. You also need to know your so-called liabilities – the fats, huge flab, uneven shoulders, oversized thighs etc. If you’re size 9 then go for size 9, not 8 and not 10. That size difference might be okay for everyday wear or if you’re not going to party, but if you want to belong and you want to be in then this is a big no. If you’re a bit bigger then don’t be embarrass to wear big sizes. It is your size and it is you. Pick up something that will allow you to move and not hinder you from enjoying the party. If you’re a plus size here’s a general rule: stay away from noisy patterns including animal prints and flowers, instead opt for sexy linens or dress with simple laces because those will make you look slimmer and sexier.

Prep up Your Lingerie

Getting good lingerie is not for the after party. We must be clear on that, so if you think otherwise you probably should be reading an article on dating.

There are two important things to remember if you want to dress up for clubbing – comfort and style. This rule applies to every piece of item you’re going to wear. You may have the sexiest dress for clubbing but if the lingerie you’re wearing isn’t the right one then a lot of things can go horribly wrong. There are girls who would spend perhaps half of their time in the club fixing their bra straps, putting in on the right angle, or pulling down their short dress to hide their underwear. This not only hinders you from enjoying the party but also make you look cheap. If you’re wearing a sleeveless or a spaghetti strapped top then wear a strapless bra. If your dress is made of satin or any material that perfectly follows the contour of your body then wear a nice and unlaced panty, and yeah a T-back can dot the trick. Make sure you panty lines will not be prominent.

You may have heard of stories of wardrobe malfunctions in clubs so you know that these really happen. And as they say, prevention is better than cure or in this case malfunction.

Be Sexy but not Slutty

Being sexy doesn’t really mean less nor it means baring everything you have. Sometimes more is well, really more. This is true in the case of dressing up for clubbing. Always leave something for the imagination. Let those guys think and dream what could be underneath that stylish dress of yours. If you got a low cut top or dress then put up a sexy skirt that is not too fitted. Don’t wear a pants or skirt that will show you panty lines. It’s an eyesore and makes you look cheap.

A Few Inches on the Sole

Flats are a big no in clubbing. It’s a total fashion failure. Find a stiletto that will compliment your dress so you can walk and stand sexy throughout the party. High heels give the illusion that your legs are long, making your body appear more slender and sexier.


Don’t go clubbing all plain and boring. Put accessories on. Earrings, scarf, belts, bangles, bracelets will do the trick. Just don’t put everything on like it’s your last chance on the planet. A piece or two will be enough depending on what you’re wearing.

These are just some of the tips that you need to muster if you want to dress for clubbing. Remember that regardless of your intention for going to the club, you need to look your best. So saddle up and keep these things in mind and have fun.

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