Rappers are not exactly known as the most intellectual people in the world. Rarely being educated beyond the streets and club scenes.

I have put together 30 of the most ignorant, embarrassing, and outlandish comments or lyrics that hip hop rappers have made.

Obviously there are 1000’s to choose from and it would be impossible to come up with a definitive list. This particular list should be good enough to get some laughs though.

1. Nas is a really smart guy. He reads books constantly. We were around him on the Nastradamus tour. He was almost weirder than me ’cause we would go to breakfast and he’d be there reading a book.

Artist: 50 cent

Summary: During a recent interview, 50 cent had this amazing theory. Yah, 50, them people who read books are really weird. You know them smart ones. Maybe there is a reason why he wasn’t talking to you at breakfast.

You’re an idiot!

2. COOPER: If there’s a serial killer living next door to you, though, and you know that person is, you know, killing people,

would you be a snitch if you called police and told them?

CAMERON GILES, RAPPER: If I knew the serial killer was living next door to me?


GILES: No, I wouldn’t call and tell anybody on him, but I would probably move. But I’m not going to call and be like, you know, the serial killer is in 4-E.

Artist: Cam’Ron

Summary: I believe him. He would probably go over to the guys house and break bread with him, so he could write about it, in a song. His stupidity is unmatched by anyone else on this list.

3. My apologies are you into astrology, Cause, um, im trying to make it to Uranus

Artist: Kanye West

Song: Jadakiss ft. Kanye West

Summary: Jadakiss has been known to make some really dumb lines himself but this must have been embarrassing. I don’t know if Kanye West was trying to show case his stupidity with this line

or not, but it’s astronomy.

4. Em ya claim ya mother’s a crackhead and Kim is a known slut,so what’s Hailie gon’ be when she grows up?

Artist: Ja rule

Summary: A beef between Ja Rule and Eminem got way to personal. Ja rule apparently has no morals at all to be insulting Eminems child. This is beyond embarrassing to hip hop.

5. when i look in your eyes,they look dumb bright, like the sunlight, when i look in the sky

Artist – Cassidy

Summary – Cass is a good punchline rapper, but could have a top 20 list of his own easily.

6. I spit facts, no non-fiction nigga

Artist: Lil Boosie

Summary: Simply brilliant, he wasn’t going for a oxymoron either, I wish

7. I don’t know where Nelly team, but I know where my ding-a-ling

Artist – J-Kwon

Summary – We aren’t in first grade guy but lyrically you seem to be

8. 1, 2, 3 to the 4, Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre are at the door

Artist – Snoop Dogg

Song – Nuthin But A Thang

Summary – Unfortunately this was the beginning of many overly simple, and overrated lines.

9. Im a soldier like MASH

Artist – Lil Flip

Summary: So he is an army doctor kind of soldier? Don’t shoot me with a needle!

10. But you aint got the skillz to eat a nigga ass like me

Artist: Canibus

Song: 2nd Round K.O. Lyrics

Summary: Canibus can eat ass with the best of them.

11. That rooti, tooti, fruity, Louie, what I usually do (what’s this?), This that jump, stop, breathe, whoody-who

Artist: Cam’ron

Song: Crunk Muzic

Summary: Oh yah? As you can imagine Cam’ron’s fans Iqs tend to be low.

12. Platt, platt, pass to a duck,I’m the menace, owe me money, tat, tat, tat, what the f*ck

Artist: Cam’ron

Song: Crunk Muzic

Summary: This is the follow up to the classic, we quoted on number 11. It was actually the next line.

13. I’m the 1 the rep the set, Left to left, death to death

Artist: Cam’ron

Song: Crunk Muzic

Summary: Honestly, I would like to be able to quote the entire song. Go ahead and search it on google, if you’re willing

to sacrifice a few brain cells. From death to death. Seeing that the state of death is non existence, to go from that state to non existence again. Let’s think, divine intervention? It must have been a spiritual line.

14. I’ll treat you like milk, I’d do nothing but spoil you

Artist – Lil Flip

Summary – This has to be one of the worst play on words of all time.

15. These hoes is for the takin’, no clothes that mean they naked

Artist: Ying Yang Twins

Song: Git It

Summary: Checks dictionary.com for the definition to naked.

1.being without clothing or covering.

Correct. One point for Ying Ying Twins

16. i never slip , cos if i slip then im slipping

Artist: Dr.Dre

Song: Nuthin But A G Thang

Summary: Was a member of the Ying Yang Twins ghost writing for you?

17. My gun hotter then the stove its on, so hot even i thought the stove was on

But the stove was off

Artist: Juelz Santana

Song: I think your brain was off.

18. I woke up out dat coma, 2000 and 1,Bout the same time Dre dropped 2000 and 1

Artist: The Game

Song: Dreams

Summary: It was 99. The Game will never be accused of being smart.

19. Im sooo good I could kill a ***** wit three lines/watch this, wit, three lines.

Artist: Lil Wayne

Song: grew up a screw up (remix)

Summary: Are you serious? If this is the hottest rapper in the game, I think, I might be listening to punk rock soon.

20. i stay on track like a box of pumas

Artist: Lil Wayne

Song: We Taking Over – Dj khaled ft akon,t.i,rick ross,baby & lil wayne

Summary: Puma Shoes are track shoes, but what does the box have to do with it? I think, the box stays on the shelves, kinda like The Carter 3 will.

21. No lie, just know I chose my own fate, I drove by the fork in the road and went straight

Artist: Jay Z

Song: Renegade

Summary: If you drove by the fork in the road, you would be going straight, so you went straight again?

22. Patty cake, patty cake, microwave. Circles make a square, damn i’m paid.

Artist: Young Jeezy

Song: And Then What

Summary: One of the top selling artists in hip hop. Enough said.

23. First I’m going to stack my flow, Then I’m going to stack some more

Artist: Young Jeezy

Song: And Then What

Summary: I actually listened to this song again to see how he could have possibly rhymed more with flow and it wasn’t pretty. (flooo, mooo) Besides enunciation lessons, and speech therapy, Jeezy needs to come up with more creative lines. He couldn’t come up with another concept so he just says the same thing again. We won’t even consider the fact that nobody has or would ever say “stack my flow”. That’s disgraceful hip hop at it’s best. He is another rapper with gem after gem.

24. George Bush don’t like black people

Artist: Kanye West

Summary: George W. Bush is a wordsmith himself and could have been included on this list, if he were a bit more hip hop.

25. I’m the George Bush of hip-hop

Artist: 50 Cent

Summary: Yes 50. We can all agree with that, that’s why your approval rating is so low, and a rapper who believes in Astrology just outsold you.

26. Thirty-eight revolve like the sun round the Earth.

Artist: Jay Z

Song: It’s Hot

Summary: Luckily labels don’t require education.

If ya rhyme’s sh*t, then I’ll bash ya sh*t – Cage

28. I get more ass than a toilet seat – Cormega/Nate Dogg-Eminem/Ll Cool J

29. I’m modeling diamonds, you can call me Ice-on Beckford – LLoyd Banks

30. so I can get sick as the flu, spittin the truth – Canibus

-If you would like a line added, just make the comment in this article, and I’ll add it to the list.



I kick plenty of ass, so call me an astronaut – Dr.Dre

Author: Complexity

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