The Devil Spoke To Me

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The Devil Spoke To Me

Post by S-a-S »

A chilly winter breeze, a crisp crackling underfoot as I sauntered in a cautious stride,
Hugging the field tight, a pure white blanket made up of a million snowflakes laying side by side,
I walked alone yet following me were two sets of footprints in the freshly fallen snow,
Abruptly appeared the devil, put his hand upon my shoulder and said “There’s something you should know.”

“To hear my words meet me in the timberland over there.” he uttered whilst pointing ahead of us,
I followed his trail and walked into that woodland, eager to hear what he’d like to discuss,
A blaze barely visible peeked through the branches, my pace quickened like a moth attracted to a light,
The naked trees huddled round the campfire, keeping themselves warm before the arrival of the night.

Upon tree stumps we sat opposite one another, eye to eye over the flickering flame centrepiece,
His stone cold stare looked back at me, pupils black as coal surrounded by an iris of hellish cerise,
I thought to myself, how honest can the prince of darkness be? Is he capable of speaking the truth?
He cleared his throat and with a sincere tongue said “Your life’s been hard. I’m very proud of you.”

“With the all too familiar road from adolescence to adulthood closed, you faced a dangerous detour.”
“Poison ran through your veins, you shed blood, operation after operation you were forced to endure.”
“You suffered a life threatening disease not once nor twice but three times, did that really seem fair?”
“When in need of a reprieve from the pain did you gaze up to the heavens and recite a little prayer?”

“Do you remember lying in the hospital bed, less hair than a new born babe, skin pale and lifeless?”
“Your malnourished body, protruding ribs, your beating heart close to bursting through your chest?”
“Tubes attached to every orifice, a drip in your arm, the constant beeping of the bedside machine?”
In a sympathetic tone he asked, “Was it fair this torture was inflicted upon an innocent teen?”

I sat In silence reminiscing, thinking about what I’d been through and all those who’d met a similar fate,
Tearing up remembering those less fortunate than myself who’d already walked through heaven’s gate,
They fought bravely and courageously, heads held high as they left heartbroken family and friends behind,
I’m so proud of them all, perpetual memories remain as their souls gradually fade into the celestial shine.

Emotionally drained but motivated by sentiment I addressed this hellion who conjured up my past.
“I remember! How could I forget? Have the families of Hiroshima forgotten the ‘little boy’ and his blast?”
“It clouds over me always, follows me like my shadow, my scars a reminder of the darkest days of my life,”
“A victim of three attempted murders, yet I never identified whose hand was holding the blood stained knife.”

“Who was behind the vicious assaults? What did I do to deserve them? I’ve always wondered why me?”
“My questions deserve to be answered, this life sentence needs a full-stop so this chapter will be complete.”
Without another word spoken he sympathetically tilted his head towards me then stated “I’ve got answers for you,”
“I’ll tell you everything you want to know, then you can move on, live your life and your story can continue.”

He cleared his throat then began his story…

“I spoke to God and you were the topic of our conversation, oh it must’ve been ten or so years ago,”
“We spoke in-depth about how your life was shaping up, for over sixteen years we’d watched you grow,”
“Then our opinions about the script for your future differed, we argued back and forth all night long,”
“He didn’t believe in you, little faith you’d fulfil your potential so I took it upon myself to prove him wrong!”

“Listen very closely to the words I‘m about to say, this won’t be easy for you to comprehend,”
“I chose for you to run the cancer gauntlet, either you proved me right or your life would’ve met an untimely end.”
“I knew that no matter what I threw at you you’d fight it, survive it and come back stronger than before,”
“I always believed in you, I knew your physical and mental strength would see you outlive the war,”

“Showing great strength you fought bravely, cleared all hurdles, overcame every obstacle in your way,”
“By proving me right you earned his respect, I’m so glad you passed my test and lived to see another day,”
“A harsh lesson I know but by restoring his faith you can now concentrate on the future, make your dreams come true,”
“If it wasn’t for me God only knows the direction your life would’ve taken, the least I deserve is a thank you.”

A weight lifted off his shoulders, I’m glad he eventually decided to talk to me and I appreciate his honesty,
Having kept it bottled up for slightly over a decade, the relief on his face was visible for all to see,
His revelations filled the gaps in the incomplete jigsaw of my youth, the bigger picture revealed at long last,
Finally I can build a future for myself, my life’s no longer perched upon the shaky foundation of my past.

I composed myself then replied to him…

“Initially you fought so I’d get the chance to live a life worth living, so I could see a better tomorrow”
“You wanted to right a wrong, now I appreciate life’s highs after experiencing day-to-day lows,”
“Then your disguise began to slip, slowly showing your true colours, devilishly dark, almost pitch-black”
“Your motives got twisted by your vanity, so egotistical and so many heavenly qualities you lack.”

“You’re so self-centred, only ever thinking about yourself so I’ve nothing to thank you for,”
“Deceit hidden behind your mask of ‘good intentions’, you’re dishonest and evil to the core,”
“Your selfishness put me through hell, I survived the torture, to still be here I consider myself blessed,”
“Alone I wouldn’t have made it, the strength of my family and friends got me through, I’m forever in their debt.”

Here’s something you don’t know…

“A little over ten years ago I too spoke with God, he explained the reasoning for his doubts in great detail,”
“This made me determined to succeed, I wanted to prove him wrong, stand victorious when I prevailed,”
“With this as motivation I strived to be a better person, improve myself everyway possible, everyway I could,”
“After everything I’ve been through I feel I accomplished my goals and achieved more than I ever thought I would.”

“I now know everything I went through was your fault, I’m aware of the truth and you’re solely to blame,”
“I don’t want to hear another word you have to say, so go back to the netherworld and it’s infernal flames.”
“You failed to manipulate me and never once had the upper hand in your feud, you’re an absolute failure,”
“Ironically, whilst I overcame the cancer you injected in me, your mental illness is terminal, there is no cure.”

“So now my life will blossom like an orchard recovering from the raw winter months, a picture of real beauty,”
“Whilst yours, like a decomposing corpse will decay until the wind blows away the ash like debris.”
The breeze will remove all the negativity from my life, free me from the shackles used to hold me back,
Emancipated, such freedom felt only by released prisoners and finally my life can get back on track.

Without him in my life it feels like I’ve been reborn, a gentle breeze blew out the centrepiece flame,
The catalyst of my salvation, watching him walk out of my life, tail between his legs, head hanging in shame.
His footprints in the snow fade, his shrinking silhouette blends into the horizon, morning’s due to arrive,
A choir of birds serenade the night sky to sleep, my life restarts today, set against the backdrop of a beautiful sunrise.

For the first time in over a decade my life is no longer overshadowed by the suffocating clouds of death,
This is the beginning of the rest of my life, A new day, a new start, morning air has never felt this fresh,
Today I can realistically dream about my future, plan for the tomorrows, I actually feel in control,
Marrying the love of my life, holding my child, being a good father, I can achieve these once unattainable goals.

So from this breath onward I’m going to seize every opportunity, I’ll shape my own destiny,
Whilst I make my life a more beautiful place to live, the angels can rest, heaven can wait for me.
A westerly wind whistled an ethereal melody just as I was about to leave the woodland and head for home,
A sun beam burst through the branches lay upon my hand interlocking my fingers, I’ll never walk alone.

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Re: The Devil Spoke To Me

Post by CBK »

exquisite imagery.., great detail throughout the story. an epic tale had me hooked an wanted to finish it from the first verse.

concept of this post was really good an you explored your past an emotions with impeccable aptitude.vocab an lyrics were informative discriptive and appropriate.

an the ending line was immense, overall a well thought out and delivered piece. Great post.

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Re: The Devil Spoke To Me

Post by Glamtrash »

it falls off on a few spots, and the structures a little off, but it doesn't matter. It's a lovely story and you tell it greatly. Well done. I wrote something fairly similar after I was sick. If i can dig it up ill post it.
Keep em comin.

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