4DUB vs Blake Downs (Blake wins NOSHOW)

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4DUB vs Blake Downs (Blake wins NOSHOW)

Post by 4DUB »

5 bars due in 48 hrs.

Blake Downs
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Re: 4DUB vs Blake Downs

Post by Blake Downs »

u will fade,i will last for aeons kid,ur whack as them basedgod kids
u wanna rap battle but ur bars are weaker than kreayshawns piss
he leaves us more pissed off than rotten fish,so fuckin foolish,
and dub's music is actually stupider than the actual dub music
fuck provin,dubs stupid,that no-show flows a no-go hoe
see me in the ring,and i'll have u lookin dumber than yo own flows
so go on slow,its just that annoying dub process,such nonsense
i been on demolishin since,way before u ever imagined being conscious
now u can go back to the drawing board,u get us yawning... bored
u,i could be pawning,but ur more unactive than this whole board

-- Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:54 pm --

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Re: 4DUB vs Blake Downs

Post by Alvin »

You're playing right DUB?


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Re: 4DUB vs Blake Downs

Post by Enlightend »

Blake Wins Via NOSHOW DQ
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