Text Battleground Changes

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Re: Text Battleground Changes

Post by JDR »

No problem. If you dont' trust whoever Speakers is or if your battling someone you think is in speakers, just PM me the first and I'll send it in. It really doesn't matter because your either submitting your verse yourself or sending it to them. At least this way the other person can't see your verse

-- Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:38 pm --
Kau the Lion wrote:Will this go for tourney verses as well?
Sure. I don't see anything wrong with doing this with anything we write if its competitive. Alvin, (whoever Speakers is) could you pm 'em and ask if they can submit verses in the tourney the same way
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Re: Text Battleground Changes

Post by CBK »

give a fuck if the other person sees my verse...
if this was real battling most verses would be flipped anyway. i'll just post my own shit thanks for the offer tho i can see why some fags may find it beneficial but i just find it time consuming to send a verse to somebody to post for me than to just post it myself.

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Re: Text Battleground Changes

Post by Alvin »

What your not understanding is these are the rules. Abide by them or stop battling. Like any other thing that breaks rules... dqs and locking will be in place. The end. So rebel all you want, ur one person against a site. Site wins.

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