i break spirit's not mics... 4 bars is enough...

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i break spirit's not mics... 4 bars is enough...

Post by Enlightend »

Just having a lil fun... i wanted to throw a few punches... lol...

jayz-on pee an pee's on m33kish, thats some freak shit an its up to elitist ta stop um
but these fagots keep on talkin when we all know ur into threesomes with meika watchin
an i damage these weak fucks often we granite, yall cheese puffs, no chance ta defeat us
our skills u cant manage ta equal an it got these FIVE FURIOUS like PANDAS ya LEADER
seanny t ur ok but dammit ya need ta check who u buddy with, cus pest hes a fuckin bitch
he on some nothin shit, so here some quick advise for SEAN... DROP THE P like PUFFY DID
in fact all yall can study this... cus yall need help an rap is somthin pest dont know
na fuck it im a make sure death goes slow when i put an end to BM(bowel movement)... PEPTO FLOW
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Re: i break spirit's not mics... 4 bars is enough...

Post by Sir Kevin O Shea »

They know who the superior crew is E. lol

This 4 bar buffet of punchlines makes me smile.
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Re: i break spirit's not mics... 4 bars is enough...

Post by Alvin »

I'm the best part of this entire drop lol.

Not bad man, nice little call out

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