LONELY (Spacely)

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LONELY (Spacely)

Post by Darryl_Spacely »

Lonely guy, very antisocial
always did what i was suppose to do
but im very different from the most of you
they always called me weird
scared of the way i act
i was the one they feared
but im just the weirdo, Darryl
always felt spaced from others
noone really knows me, not even my mother
they think im just cocky, maybe shy & quiet
noone knows how i feel, because i always hide it
but some days i talk a lot
my minds driving me crazy
im lost in this dark parking lot
why does noone understand or get in
get in, where i fit in, but nothing fits me
so out of place
trying to get to the finish line
but always afraid to race
i just face trouble
talking to myself
stuck in this lonely boring bubble
some one pop it
thoughts steady going some one stop it
but noone ever helps
im just that lonely guy
who always stays to his self
im so alone, im so alone
i do the right thing, then it feels wrong
i do wrong things, then it feels right
looking for happiness, but its out of sight
out of sight, but i do a fake smile & say
ill be alright, be alright

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Re: LONELY (Spacely)

Post by Immortal Jav »

very in depth my man very dark thoughts which i love to read about. nice

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Re: LONELY (Spacely)

Post by 32neilz »

That was deep bro, good work

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Re: LONELY (Spacely)

Post by Borat »

I'm going to lock your drops in this section untill I see that you have left some feed on other drops, and I will have to lock any new drops from you in this section unless they have links, if you have any Q's you can PM me or check out the forum rules.

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