Tough Life

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Tough Life

Post by Darryl_Spacely »

Lifes Tough
but you got to be tougher
knocked down
you can only go up
hungry for success
like when is supper
trying to beat the odds
but got hit with a upper cut
lifes a bitch but not such a slut
because thats too easy
i just fucked the world
she said ahhh he pleased me
when life gives you lemons
say im not thristy
just feed me.. im greedy for fame
the cashier said heres your receipt
but you not receiving no change
heart of a lion, but it seems a been tamed
cant beat the odds
try by regaining some strength
lifes full of secrets & doesnt give out hints
time is money & its being spent wisely
im thinking of my dreams very highly
life's a show, who's hannah, who's miley?

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Re: Tough Life

Post by thadevious1 »

LoL your last line was killer
I like this
you're keeping your lines real short
and that makes it a quick easy read
and your use of working in sayings to explain your self is also nice
overall i think this was pretty good


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