Ideas To Get New Users..

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Re: Ideas To Get New Users..

Post by Mass Effex »

I'll get an tattoo on my chest, and my back, then walk through times square without a shirt on...

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Re: Ideas To Get New Users..

Post by Lawgix »

how bout we tie someone to some rope hung by a stick while their wearin a tutu and lets get some gay men to stand at the bottom ready to spring into action while we play hangman and everytime we get a letter wrong the rope drops and said person gets closer to havin a lose anus... just a suggestion...

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Re: Ideas To Get New Users..

Post by FuckYouHoes »

well heres how you get new members to stay ... "by being nice to them".
get an attractive skin for the site and then we flood other rap sites ""

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Re: Ideas To Get New Users..

Post by complexity »

We have new users now. I think its time that we encourage them to stay around.

If you haven't noticed guys, we are getting enough sign ups.

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