New Battle Grounds Mod - Important

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New Battle Grounds Mod - Important

Post by complexity »

I'm seriously disappointed in how horribly the battle grounds is being run.

I don't know how well of a job K Killah is doing, I haven't got any complaints, he seems to be the most active though.

I have added an "edit record" next to each users profile to make that part of the process easier.

Menace is officially the captain of running the battle grounds from now on. Its one of the most important areas of the site. One of the main reasons that we gain or lose users is from that forum. When we let battles stay open forever, don't delete ones that aren't going to happen, and forget to update records, it doesn't contribute to the success of the site at all.

I'll do what I can to help. Menace can decide who he wants to work with him. Any decisions that he makes are final.

Everybody that is currently a mod of that section is fired, they can ask Menace for the position back if they so choose.

Me, Kurse, Domino, Wild Bill carried the batton in a very respectable manner for a long time - we can't just let that go to shit. I'll do what I can to help us get the battle grounds going again - but I want to focus on other aspects of the site as well.

That is my word.

No need to lock topics anymore, just move them to closed battles.

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Re: New Battle Grounds Mod - Important

Post by Omega Bill »

Well, I guess I'll come back to work, haha.

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Re: New Battle Grounds Mod - Important

Post by -MenaCe- »

Thnx for the oppritunity plex.

I can promise you wont be dissapointed.
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