Man, Myth, Legend

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Man, Myth, Legend

Post by EcKsTaSy »

His swag has sustained with fame some remember the name,
acclaim if you may some remember the game,
lay claim you've spent days in his reign, days in the rain,
no explain to the pain of his bane his mane ain't the same//
His eyes seem less bright like days through the fight,
but his sight still has bite its this site that he spites,
like a light with no light no sense in his strike,
no sense in a mic this is a personal spike//
No personal gain the rest have been slain,
lacking rust on the chains these kids aren't up to the game,
no one to blame but himself in that frame,
still has the smell of the stains to refresh his old pain//
As he steps off the lights dim, the show has reached its conclusion,
the crowd stays still lost in confusion,
man, myth, legend? or was it all just an illusion?
an act from the best...
the best of delusions....

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Re: Man, Myth, Legend

Post by Glamtrash »

Good shit bro.

Nice concept, layout isn't terrible, flows relatively easily. You need to up your vocabulary though - really helps with the imagery, especially with something so short.

I did think it was wrapped up nicely, though. Keep em comin!

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