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This isn't really a cohesive poem or anything
More like just some lines
And if any of them start "eating at your brain"
then that's "food for thought"


Don’t forget that you are a part of something bigger
The first time I realized I could feel at least some sort of God
Was when I was looking at a little animal, a small cat
And saw her look back up at me
Realized I was being watched as an animal, just like she was
Took that knowledge and was able to exchange it for a life of love and pain
Because in all honesty, some of you kill me to be around
And some days I can’t even look at the man in the mirror
Because my reflection is so dirty
And I know those stains on my soul don’t fade with bleach
But in the end I know it’s okay
Cause it’s not about me
And I can turn that around and do for myself, for you
Because you are a part of my environment
And without you, I wouldn’t exist
Like S.K. once said…
You only want the love of your life
Till you live a life of love
And then it’s not just a husband and wife thing
Two options are running your life
But it’s really only one that you fight
Because they’re one in the same
It sort of like thunder and rain
I struggle and strain to separate my heart from my brain
‘Cause I enjoy the feeling of love
But hate the thought of the pain
Chase a life that is great
And fall flat on my face
No one wants to remain in a state where your heart is unphased
But I haven’t thought of a way
To spark connections without starting a blaze
How can you keep an inner fire awake
Without being scorched by the flames?
So part of me is sayin’
That I could let my fear imprison me
But the true inner me says love is war and there’s no victory
At least without exposing your troops to injury...
So I’m looking for a cause that will be worth enlisting me
In this war that begins with no weaponry
Cause the only weapons that we get
Are the muscles that get stronger from each battle
I woke up a grown man who was a kid from Seattle
Once again I proclaim that love and pain come hand in hand
Two fraternal twins, but I’m not quite a family man
Cause I can’t take it completely without taking it for what it’s worth
See it’s impossible to open yourself to love and to protect yourself from hurt
Cause either way you remain open
And for my closing:
You can’t swing your sword and your shield in the same motion
And I’m just a stroke of paint inside of a world full of pictures
I shrunk my ego and traded it for knowledge of what’s bigger
It goes on.

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