Abortion Memoirs

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Abortion Memoirs

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A harmonic orchestral melody incessantly played like i was being serenaded,
And when my hopes and dreams faded, it was blatantly obvious I wasn't going to make it,
I felt like I was enclosed in a box with no way to escape, lost in a never-ending maze,
The ever flowing hands of time effortlessly dragging, minutes turning to hours, hours into days,
Each individual heart beat was seemingly becoming weaker than it's predecessor,
Ever so delicately echoing, like fleeing footsteps down an abandoned hospital corridor.

A tingling sensation mummified every inch of my skin, like a cloud covering a two dimensional sun,
Suffocating my body of sensual feelings, wholly paralysing me and leaving me completely numb,
Helplessly unable to move, the energy drained out of me until my eyes felt like they'd been sealed shut,
A bleak blinding darkness descended upon me, the clock stopped ticking, my time was up,
A fluorescent doorway of light appeared before me, I edged slowly forward then crawled through,
Suddenly a celestial weightlessness possessed me, I levitated up until I was looking down upon you.

My eyes began to focus and when they finally did I saw your face for the very first time,
So beautiful, but my tiny heart shattered into a million pieces because you couldn't see mine,
By day I watch that solitary stream of tears rolling continuously down your cheek,
Then by night I watch those very same tears flowing as you cry yourself to sleep,

Are those self liberating tears you weep, filled with an alleviation that set's you free.....
Full of relief, knowing in your heart that your life continues regardless of the existence of me?
Are those remorseful tears you weep, filled with a deep rooted sentimental sorrow.....
Full of regret, knowing in your heart I never got the chance to see a single tomorrow?

That question swirls around inside my head, but maybe some things are better left unknown,
You took full responsibility for your actions and I accept that, your reasons are your own,
Whatever the answer it's too late now, the past is behind us, we can't undo what's already been done,
This isn't the end for me though mum.......... my journey through the after-life has only just begun..........

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