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Post by Vohkab »

(Paraphrased from Micah 7: 8-10)

Never again will you gloat over me

Like some worthless trophy

I've fallen to your fists and sneering jabs for shallow glory

Watch out, for i will rise and change the story

The darkness may rule about me

The darkness will be no more with the Lord as my light

I have sinned against you, Lord

I bear your wrath until the final court

Where His glory will be shone

And i'll see His righteousness homeward

I see the fists and sneering jabs fall back

My darknesss covers you with shame

Leaving you trampled like street filth

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Re: Darkness

Post by Alvin »

Not bad at all man, for paraphrasing that is. Not sure why decided to drop this paraphrase, the whole god subject tems to be a dry read and a slow one to get feed from. I guess i cant really say much cuz its a praphrase, plus, never was too good at reviewing poetry. Any how, not incredibly bad, just dry in my opinion.

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Re: Darkness

Post by thadevious1 »

panda thinks anything biblic is dry ... :lol:

Good sht homie, i'm realy feeling this
and your wording is really good
I can see you read the bible
and phrased a few key things

that's really good, but hard to do cause not ev1 will think the same
specialy if they never picked up a bible

keep up the good work


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