Tears of Joy

Expand your artistic ability through poetry and story telling. Poetry has been given new life ever since the inception of hip hop. Relax for a minute and explore your poetic side here.

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Tears of Joy

Post by TopCatDaStoryTella »

da smoke blows away as does da dreams n hopes
I cant go without writing... hows a fiend 2 cope
imagine da feelin of bein da spokesman 4 ur color
imagine da feelin of bein da spokes da support ur culture
bein a dove against vultures... protesters amongst soilders
yet goin against urself... abandoning cars n wealth
n compared 2 HIP POP celebrities movin in stealth
2 B truly heard n felt... but neva seen
ur drive is fueled by lust n jealousy
from seldom misdemeanors n felonies
2 bein niggas rolemodel... no more bein 2nd like da letter D
more intellegence... shoes stay laced like LSD (I found out u cant lace LSD... I feel retarded lol)
vibin 2 da melody... n fellas dream
of 1 day bein u... understandin dat da celury
is just an appetizer... deres so much more to see
( n deres like 4 more lines... but it doesnt really fit)
my fans throw up dere hands ur fans got Lohans like Lindsey indeed

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Re: Tears of Joy

Post by Blake Downs »

i like the visuals,this sounded like some real poetic stuff,wordplay and punches were there,
ayo check out my piece bro
http://www.illestlyrics.com/board/the-b ... 22517.html

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